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This is me, outside of my apartment

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to my website. My name is Irina and you may know me as Irka, Ira, Irochka, or Irishka (thats the benefit of having a Russian /Ukrainian name; it can be manipulated in any way possible). You may also know me as kitty, kotionok, kiska, zayka..............those are some of my nicks;) I guess I am fine with w/e you call me as long as you know who I am and respect me.
This is my story.............................
 I was born in the Ukraine when it was still former Soviet Union. I went there to school as any other kid and hated it as some other kids. I guess while I lived in the Ukraine, I never knew who I was and every time I would try to explore, i would face one or the other obsticle, I guess I wasnt strong enough to overcome them and often thought of giving up. If you're bored by now, dont go any farther on this website because you probably wont find it interesting;) However, if the life of a teenage girl interests you at all than you welcome to hear my story.
My family came to the United States when I was 12, so I got to celebrate my 13th birthday here. Coming to Los Angeles was the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. Before this event I havent even been on a plain ones. I saw this "trip" as an opportunity to change, to realize my dreams, to become a better person........What i didnt realize is that its impossible to fully change. What one can do is impove and gain knowledge. I guess I am still on my path to exploring who I am. What i did realize is that just because someone doesnt understand me or doesnt like me, i shouldnt change, i should always be myself and never be afraid to express myself. I guess at this point in my life I can completely agree with FDR's statement," We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Indeed, I am often afraid, so afraid that I miss great apportunities and dont take chances, but than again I am only human and have a long way to go until I overcome some of my greatest fears.
So, I guess I am jumping back and forth with my story here. I guess my excuese is that it's almost 12 at night and you may call me a baby but I am pretty sleepy about now. All I want to do is get into my bed andhug my bear(yes, i sleep with a stuffed animal, but i bet so do you:-P and even if you dont you did at some point ;), so before calling me a child think about how it feels to slide back to innocense, forget all the problems, darkness of the real world, and feel like you're completely safe, have nothing to worry about, and have that cute cuddly stuffed animal to hug........) . It's weird, but for some stupid or not so stupid reason I am in a romantic mood right now, so I'll stay up and try to finish at least this page and maybe write a couple of poems.
So yeap, I am far gone now, please dont hate me for jumping back and forth but its just how I am, a random, yet, sweet girl. So, where was I? Oh yeah, coming to this country. Well, I came here. Went to middle school. Now I am in high school. Long story short, I like LA because I made some good friends here that I trust and have fun with. I like it because its always warm here and if there was no polution it would be a beautiful city. I hate LA because of polution, corruption, racism, and people who believe they are cooler than everyone else. But thats the real world and not just LA, so I better learn to deal with it, or ignore it which is probably better.
So yeap, I am 17 now will turn 18 on November 12 if someone needs "the details" lol. I am a junior or should I say senior since the school year is over, at Hollywood High. I cant wait to be 18, yet I am afraid to be "an adult". As my grandma says,"Adulthood brings responsibilities".(of course she says it in Russian) and after it she usually says something to Hebrew to my grandpa. Most of the time it's , "this girl is growing up too fast", or "she thinks of boys too much", or "why the hell does she want to be a teacher when she grows up". Sometimes, I feel like everyone worries about me WAY too much. For some reason I think I'll find my own way in life and if I make mistakes, they will be own mistakes and I will deal with them.
So Who am I?
I am a person, a woman, a girl, a child, a human being, someone who loves advanture and fears love, someone who loves public speaking yet is one of the shyest people you can meet. I am someone who loves animals, yet fears pain from scratches(My cat scratches all the time), i am someone who loves to draw, yet has thrown out every scatch that has been made after february 14, 2004. I am someone who wants to turn back time, yet wants to move forward. I am ready to commeet suicide, yet, choose to live. I guess I am just a crazy girl who should be in bed right now, yet is afraid to do so because of fear to have kinky dreams about a guy she likes. unfortunately its possible to day dream!!!!!!!!!!
So, if I didnt bore you yet, which i probably did, feel free to continue exploring this website and dont forget to tell me what you think about it!!!!!!!!!
*hugs* and *kisses*


my kitty looks about the same as this one.........


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